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Vibe Changers

Sold Out
20:00 - 22:30
Open-air stage
Program series
House of Music Hungary production

guitar, loop, bass, beatbox
Kristóf Nagy
Jávor Delov
turntable, beatbox
DJ Q-Cee
Gabi Knoll
MC Zeek (Brains)

Vibe Changers

On 16 May, Vibe Changers – the nation's most daring musical comedy show – will launch its second season on the open-air stage at the House of Music Hungary. This unique fortnightly venture on Tuesdays is a mix of a club night series and a talent show, created last year with great applause by two of Budapest's best-known improvisational teams. In recent years, week in week out, Random Trip and Seven Seconds In The Future have been drawing music lovers who consider the moment music is born to be a cathartic experience from club to club and festival to festival. The wonderful news for fans is that the club night, we have dubbed Vibe Changers will also be focussing on improvisation, but while the first half of the evening will be dedicated to the hosts playing pleasing music with invited guests, the second half of the evening will be open mic for future soloists (singers, MC's and wind instrument players) to join the club’s founders in a few rounds of musical games to see who has the strongest vibe of the evening, or whose musicianship and presence is the most energetic and fitting to the music of the event. 

Sold Out

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2 500 Ft
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